Monday, January 21, 2013


i know, the day will come when i'll pine for busy days filled with memory making and play time. but today is not that day. today i am exhausted! goodness, who knew being a mom of young kids could be so draining. but it is. especially when you're doing it solo. and training for a marathon. talk about busy.. and tired.

here's a sample of what my life is like:
today B woke me up before 7, I went through emails and read some while she played. I got Ave up about 8 and fixed breakfast for us all, then cleaned up, then we got ready for the day. Avery and I did some school while B napped. when she woke up we walked into town to run an errand. came home, played outside, had a picnic, read for 5 minutes, got ready and took Ave to gymnastics. after that we got Ave an ice cream cone, walked home, went for a run, played outside some more while i worked on two loads of laundry. then it was time to come in. i laid B down for a nap, got dinner ready, ate, cleaned, threw Ave in the tub, got B up from her nap, then tried to console her while she screamed for about 30 minutes. got her settled and back to bed, then went through Avery's bedtime routine. got her settled around 7:20. worked out. took a shower, emailed Justin, watched a show, and here i am. about to fall asleep with my eyes open.

life is just busy. that's the season i'm in now. i know it won't be this busy forever, i know i should cherish this time with my girls. and i do. but right now i'm too tired to cherish anything other than my warm comfy bed. and Justin's gone...always gone. that makes all of this twice as hard. i don't have him here to entertain the girls, or get Avery ready for bed while i sit on the couch for 15 minutes. i don't have him here to take out the trash or clean up after dinner. all of that is on me. and it is all exhausting.

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