Friday, January 18, 2013


justin has only been gone two weeks but i swear it feels like two months. each trip feels longer and longer, and is more and more difficult for me to get through. i mean, being a stay at home mom of two young kids and a housewife is hard work. back breaking work. then you remove the husband from the mix and you end up with a completely exhausted, depleted, impatient woman. that's me. my back has ached ever since i had brooklynn; i suppose from all of the lifting, bending, carrying, holding. and i have been sleep training her, which is no easy task. i just hope it pays off. and soon. i have not slept through the night in eight months. eight months. i don't even remember what that feels like.. and avery..oh, avery. let's just say i liked the age of three better than four. talk about attitude, omg. but i love her and the little person she is, even when i can barely stand her. ha.

i gave myself a break this week and have been resting rather than running and working out. i feel like sometimes your body and your head just need a break from all the training. i've been working out like a mad woman ever since i had brooklynn and i feel like it's well deserved. i'll jump back on the band wagon next week; besides, i have a marathon to train for :p yes i said marathon. i may be crazy. i probably am crazy.. but i'm doing it, with my sister by my side!

i've been attending focus meetings on base for the last several weeks. basically focus is a team of counselors who help military families (or in my case they're specific to specwar families) cope with stressful situations. our life is full of them. justin's career choice in particular, it's just tough. it's hard on the men, hard on the families. lots of absences. i believe i've heard that only 10% of marriages in this line of work make it. i choose to be part of that 10%, which is why i'm going to focus. i just can't do all of this by myself, and they are there so that i don't have to. there's no instruction manual for wives like me (although i intend to write one one day!), i don't really know what i'm doing.. i've never dealt with work ups or deployments in my life. all of this is new and so scary. i need some guidance and advice, which is where focus comes in. avery has gone twice. our whole family is going for a session soon. i would recommend them to any military family. GO!

and i will leave you with a few highlights from our week :)

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