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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tormented Heart

Sometimes I miss you so much
It makes my heart literally ache
My eyes are tired
Red and swollen from tears of sadness
Tears of stress
Tears of exhaustion
Worry has etched itself onto my face
I don't know how this can go on
My emotions are all over the place
Sometimes up, sometimes down
But mostly down
I no longer feel excitement
Or joy
Or peace
Or hope
My heart cannot rest
Only when I look at our daughters
Do I feel an ounce of happiness
They keep me going
When I just want to stop
You're just a ghost in our home
Sometimes here, sometimes gone
But mostly gone
I can't feel joy when I look at you
Or hope
Or peace
Because it's too hard on my heart
I know you'll be leaving again
Leaving me
Over and over again
It never ends
And that makes me tired
And sad

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