Wednesday, December 12, 2012


some days are just harder than others. lately they're more often than not, but i'm making it..

i may not look like a strong person right now. i certainly don't feel like one. but strength looks a little different sometimes. to keep moving forward is strength. to smile and play with my kids, right now takes a lot of strength. to try to make this holiday season fun has taken a lot of strength. to homeschool avery while my heart is just sad, takes a lot of strength. to make learning fun and creative takes a lot of strength, when your head is filled with thoughts of missing your husband. to trust in God when you don't feel him close takes a lot of strength, too. to get out of bed when you just want to stay under the covers; to put on make up and real clothes when you want to stay in your pajamas; to get out of the house when you only want to sit on the couch; all of it takes such strength. to stay here and live this way takes strength. to leave would be the eas(ier) thing to do. but it's impossible. it's not an option. leaving is never an option. i would rather have justin only sometimes than not at all. that is strength. that is love.

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