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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

i love being a mom

You know how sometimes you have moments (or even whole days if you're lucky) that make you really, really thankful you're a mom? Well, today was one of those days. The entire day the girls were so good!! We walked to the drug store with a friend and picked up some Christmas lights for Ave's room. Brooklynn had so much fun looking at them, her face was priceless. And I think Ave likes them too ;)

Homeschooling went really well, too. I've been praying that God will help me be creative. It's working I think. :) We did a few worksheets, a math activity, then made these stockings out of paper:

Then we went for a 6 mile run with our neighbor friends. The girls were awesome and so patient in their stroller, and the weather was perfect; nice and cool. Not to mention spectacular views. Have I said lately how much I love where we live?!

After our run we went to grab some coffee and a donut (coffee for me, donut for Aves) and headed to the library for some fun. Our library is awesome. They always have awesome seasonal displays, but of course the Christmas one is best of all. They have skiing bears, Christmasy movie characters like Charlie brown and Pooh and Mickey mouse decked out in Christmas attire. Santa climbing a ladder, a train that goes round and round. Everything is all lit up and moving, so pretty. We admired that for a while then picked out some books to read, and finally enjoyed some play with puppets. As we were leaving Ave pointed at an older girl's shirt and said "That's a really cute shirt isn't it, Mom?" My little fashionista :)

Next we headed to the park. Avery had so much fun. I love watching her walk right up to kids and start talking to them. Over the last two years she has come out of her shell SO much! She never would have done that when we first moved here; she wouldn't even say hi to kids at the park.

Brooklynn was just along for the ride today. She is so sweet and precious, I just love her baby chubbiness! She is a loved little girl!

We did a lot today and walked everywhere we went (or ran). How blessed are we that we can walk everywhere?! Just another reason I love it here so much!

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