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Friday, November 2, 2012


with november being the month to be thankful and celebrate what we have, i decided to write a poem a day about the things that i am thankful for...partly to remind myself of how blessed i am, and partly to challenge myself as a writer.

today the focus is on my husband

the father of my children; and an excellent one at that!
Justin is so patient with our girls. many times i feel my temper starting to flare and he just stays so calm. i admire that so much about him. he is a great dad to our girls, making sure to spend time with them. he took Ave on many dates while i was pregnant and exhausted! not only does he make time to spend with them...he enjoys it. they sure are blessed. we are blessed to be his girls.

Justin is a military man; honorable, so humble, brave, living a life of sacrifice. he is persistent and so hard working. such an example to our girls, to all those who know him.

can you tell i love this man? ;)

and now here is my poem; I'll just call it:


Manly, sturdy, strong
Handsome, courageous, brave
Kind, smart, and funny
My darling, my dear, my honey

I only have eyes for you
Faithful husband, doting father
I love to hear your laughter
The way your smile lights up your face

Your green eyes sparkle
I love your corny jokes
I love to watch you with our girls
I see you in their faces

You're so patient and so sweet
You're so laid back and reserved
Thank you for putting up with me
Thank you for choosing me

You make me feel
Loved and thankful and blessed
You give my heart a place to rest
Being with you is natural and easy
You tell me I'm
Beautiful, great, worthwhile
And I believe you
You make me laugh
You make me smile
You make me look forward
To an eternity with you

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