Thursday, November 8, 2012

enjoy the scenery

there are many life lessons that can be learned from running...

i have been training for a half marathon. because of this, i have been spending a lot of time pounding the pavement. which gives me a lot of time to think--in fact, being a stay-at-home mom, during my runs is one of the only times i have to think. God has used running to teach me several things here lately. perseverance, dedication, work ethic, etc.

those of you who run know that not every run is going to be a good one. sometimes you just feel 'off' or heavy or your head just isn't in it. one day i was experiencing one of my 'off' days. my legs felt heavy and the run seemed endless. i felt like it was taking longer than usual for me to reach my destination. i felt tired. and frustrated. i was focused on a pain in my foot and my slow pace and the sun on my shoulders. i was even looking down at the side walk, which isn't a very nice or motivating thing to look at while you're trying to complete a run.

then i had a thought: why am i making this so hard and miserable? why am  i staring down at the ugly, dirty sidewalk when there is a beautiful view right in front of my face? the sun is out, the waves are crashing, the ocean is sparkling, why am i not enjoying this more? i need to be enjoying this. i need to be taking it all in. i need to be in the moment.

and so i changed my attitude and enjoyed the rest of my run.

sometimes in life it's easy to just focus on what is right in front of you without seeing the bigger picture. it's easy to get distracted with things that are uncomfortable or inconvenient rather than being present and enjoying the moment. sometimes we just need to stop and put things into perspective; adjust our attitude; look at things through our eternal goggles. does this really matter? is that even worth getting upset over?

sometimes we just need to look away from our problems and enjoy the view.

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