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Saturday, November 3, 2012


today (and every day) i am thankful for my sweet avery brynn.

God knew i needed her, and he knew when. i didn't think i was ready, but now i see that i was. she saved me. she has gotten me through some really tough times; a rocky start to a marriage, the adjustment to military life, a move across the country. i never knew when justin would be with us and when he would be gone training; but i always knew i would have my sweet ave. at least i have my ave. she has added so much joy to my life! how dull things would be around here without her. i'm so excited and honored to be able to watch her learn and grow from girl to lady. what a blessing she is...

i can't imagine life without her


So smart and so sweet
My brown-eyed little girl
I love watching you dance and play
Hearing you sing and laugh
Brings a smile to my face

You have taught me so much more
That I could ever hope
To teach you
You are my saving grace
You're my masterpiece

I love your seeing your imagination
I love hearing your thoughts
Sometimes calm, others wild
I love to be with you all day
You are my calling in life

My firstborn, my precious daughter
I'm so proud to be your mother
For years you have been
My best little friend
Always by my side

You'll always be in my heart
Even when we're apart
You're a part of me

And when my heart feels heavy
I gaze at your pretty face
Run my fingers through your silky mane
Wrap you up in my arms
And all is right with the world

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