Monday, October 22, 2012

see you in a month

It's now 7 p.m. and both girls in bed...I'm sure I'll be following them shortly.

This morning we were all up at 6 to take Justin to the base and drop him off for his month-long trip. Our goodbye was fast and easy, no tears. It was still dark out and I was exhausted, so my emotions weren't fully awake yet. Today was actually a really good day. Or it would have been, if it weren't for Brooklynn's incessant crying. Whew. That girl wore me out today! I don't know if it's because she was tired from getting up so early or she could possibly be working on some teeth. Who knows, I just know she was fussy. Avery was good, though. We did our homeschooling, went on a jog, played at the park, had a lunch picnic, walked to the store, baked and decorated halloween cookies. Then we carved and painted our pumpkins, that was fun. I opened them up so Avery could see what was inside. She wasn't thrilled. She wouldn't even touch it :/ But she had fun painting her pumpkin and that's all that matters!

This evening all through our bedtime routine she was just whiny and teary, saying she missed Daddy and asking when he'd be home. My own eyes fill with tears every time I hear or see her missing him. This part of military life is no fun.

I have been surprisingly calm today. I'm sure it's all the prayers, and perhaps the fact that I've done this a billion times before...well sort of. I've never been alone with the two girls before, but I'm sure we'll manage just fine. However it is more difficult to do certain things like conduct Avery's bath time and pick up around the apartment with a baby on my hip. *sigh* I'm exhausted. Maybe that's why I'm calm. I'm just too tired to care about much.

I do miss my husband though... As I sit here in this silent apartment I do feel a little sad. This is always our treasured time alone together, sitting on the sofa side by side watching our favorite shows or movies and stuffing our faces (maybe while he's gone I'll stop the nighttime snacking and drop a few pounds!). He's just so much a part of my life, its impossible not to notice his absence. I love him so incredibly much. I'm thankful to have him as the father of my children; Avery's missing him proves what an excellent one he is.

                                                                       my soulmate

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