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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Where is home anyway?
Is it where I used to roam and play?
Near strawberry fields where horses stray?
Home such a nice word to say.

Is home where I took my first step?
Where Mom nursed me back to health after I caught strep?
Or is home where I grew up?
Where around a long table we used to sup?
Is home the Virginia mountains, so big and so green,
Where coal mines and railroads still can be seen?

Is home where from my first memory springs?
Or where you gave me my wedding rings?
Is home where we had our eldest girl,
Where she toddled about with a head full of curls?

Is home where I used to ride bikes?
My siblings and I, still just small tikes?
Is home where I used to roll down the hill
Or where I ran too fast and took a big spill?

Is home where I used to go to school?
Where I first saw your face, at the town pool?
Is home where we had our first date?
Where we stayed up talking until it grew late?

Is home the room I shared with my little sis?
Where we'd fight and dream in complete bliss?
Is home where I used to play in the snow?
Is it where my love for you started to grow?

Is home where I used to make mud pies?
Or where my sibs and I hid, pretending to be spies?
Is home in the branches of my favorite apple tree,
Where I used to climb high and feel so free?

Is home in the old white house, or the small brick one, or the tall one?
Or is home where I first lived with my husband?
Is home in the creek with waters icy cold?
Is home where I was young, or where I'll grow old?

Or is home where I am now?
In a tiny apartment here in socal?
Where we tuck in our girls and go to sleep ourselves?
Where there are toys on the floor and photos on the shelves?

No. No one place I can call my home.
My home is wherever you may roam.
All of these places hold memories dear,
But my home is wherever you are near.

Everywhere you go, you take with you my home,
That's why sometimes I feel so alone.
So while you're away I'll stay here with our dears,
And take care of them and soothe all their fears.

But I won't feel at home or at peace or at ease
Because my home is off somewhere overseas.
And upon your return I'll feel home once again;
Like a ship lost a sea who finally spots land.
As I gaze in your eyes and kiss your sweet face
I'll smile because I know my home is in your embrace.

*I started thinking about home, and what home means, and where my home is... And this poem just popped into my head so I had to get it out :) I hope you enjoy!

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