Friday, September 21, 2012

vacation time!

coming back from vacation is never fun, or easy. at least not for me. i am not a person who accepts change easily; it is always so difficult for me to go from one season to another. but our week in Oahu was glorious, and well worth the readjustment to normal life.

we were in Oahu for one wonderful week. we stayed in a condo right in the heart of Waikiki. my little family went, along with my sister and mother-in-law. the extra help was amazing. i feel like i was actually on vacation, and if you're a mom you know that's a big deal. so thankful for the help!

Waikiki was a bustling town, or at least the part we were in; lots of shops and eateries, and very beautiful but crowded beaches. don't get me wrong, the scenery was completely breathtaking and i enjoyed myself thoroughly...but it was a good idea to rent a car so that we could escape the business and venture into more laid back spots.

we took a scenic drive up to nu'uanu pali lookout; this spot on a mountain top offered awesome views of the valley below. we went snorkeling twice (my favorite). i had never snorkeled before; what better place to do it than hawai'i?! we saw so many gorgeous fish, of all colors, as well as a sea turtle one day! that was neat! and the coral was really neat too. the water was so warm and clear. perfection. i don't think there is anything more peaceful than swimming in the sea with beautiful fish and underwater seascape. one day we walked through botanical gardens up to waimea waterfall. beautiful plants and flowers along the way! we went out to eat every single day (justin's idea of a vacation) and of course visited some of the local shops. we also stopped by pearl harbor on our last day and toured the museum. sometimes i just love a good history lesson.

avery isn't sure about water right now, so she had a few meltdowns about the ocean. but thankfully our condo had a playground, which she spotted right away and frequented during our stay. that child loves playgrounds :)

brooklynn did awesome. i couldn't have asked for a better, more laid back baby. she just went with the flow the entire time, and did excellent on the plane! i was nervous to travel with two kids, but her and ave both did really awesome. i still can't believe how good they were.

all in all i would say our vacation was a huge success. no one got sick or sunburnt. nothing went majorly wrong. the condo was perfect for us all. everything was just great! i can't wait to go on our next adventure! i'm thinking next will be maui :)

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