Friday, September 7, 2012

busy week!

Well this week has been a busy one! The time just flew!

Monday Justin had the day off work in honor of Labor Day; an extra day with him was nice :) We spent the evening at the beach playing in the sand, at the playground, and enjoying time with our friends; there was even time for a beach volleyball game! Fun!

Tuesday our MOPs (Mothers Of Preschoolers) group had its first meeting. Wonderful! I am part of the hospitality team, so I was able to welcome the mommies and help them feel at home. I really enjoyed making new friends, and I love being part of a team; it makes me feel useful outside of the home (which is important!). Not to mention Avery had a blast; I love that her time there is filled with fun and some Biblical education also. Win-win!

Wednesday we finally had a rest day. I have been battling a cold since Tuesday, so I needed a day at home. Ave and I did some school work. We tried out this cool experiment with water and food coloring that I found on the internet. Ave enjoyed watching the water change colors, then I set her up with spoons, medicine droppers, and containers and let her mix the colors together. We did this activity for two days; she loved mixing the colors together to create new ones!

Thursday we were supposed to go to Bible study, but I had to take a sick day :( I hate being sick, it makes me so mad!!! Moms aren't allowed to get sick! Ave and I did some more school and the girls and I went for a jog.

Friday Avery's ballet and tap class started back, and she was so excited! After breakfast this morning she got into her new tights and leotard and we strolled over to dance (I love the fact that we can walk everywhere. Love. It.). After dance we had a snack and got crafty with our neighbor friends. So fun:

First we made a magic wand with paper, a pencil, and jewels glued on for extra pizazz. Avery loved the finished product and walked around outside waving it around :)

Then we headed outdoors for some fun painting time! We worked on a pretty craft in honor of dance class starting back (pictured below), then we let the girls finger paint to their hearts' content. Such fun!

                                                   B hanging out, happy as can be :)

The finished product! Turned out sooo cute!! I cut the leotard out of scrapbooking paper, and Avery's handprints are the tutu. I am in love with this one :)

We had a good week, other than me being sick. EWW. Somehow I'm supposed to complete a nine mile run tomorrow; half marathon training stops for no one, even moms with a cold!

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