Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am a military wife

There are certain traits we must possess
To cope with the loneliness and the stress
We must know how to be alone
How to care for our home

We must be loving, patient, strong
Be quick to admit when we are wrong
Because it's never worth a fight
To prove he's wrong and you're right

We must make the most of what we've got
And not complain about our lot
Because God made me a military wife
This is His plan for my life

We must play role of dad and mom
Until the day when he comes home
We must know how to wipe away tears
And have the words to calm little fears

We must encourage, sacrifice, and build up
And constantly ask God to refill our cup
We must put a smile on our face
And stand tall with integrity and grace

We must not fret nor whine nor complain
But learn to dance in the rain
We must be adaptable, independent, brave
Even when our husband's touch we crave

We must act happy when we are sad
And in the hard times learn to be glad
We must act strong even when we feel weak
To think twice before we do or speak

We must have friends, hobbies, plans
Something to do with our restless hands
We must learn to be reliable and true
To be faithful through and through

I want to make my husband and kids proud
To fulfill everything that I vowed
I want to set an example, shine a light
To help others see in the night

I am brave
I am strong
I am faithful
I am proud

I am a military wife

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