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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home school preschool: week 2

Well our second week of homeschooling went well! We did only three days though instead of four like I hoped. Life is just busy! And will only get busier as summer ends. I think the hardest part of homeschooling is making time for it!

This week we read the Creation story, and stuck with that theme all week with our activities, reading, and writing;

We made this little booklet about what God created on what days. I found the printable here

This was our fun new math game :) I like this one because it teaches Ave to count, teaches her about number order, and helps with fine motor skills. She enjoyed this one if we made a song as we counted; otherwise it can get a bit drawn out, since you have to count all the way to 18 :)
(just an egg carton and beans; I wrote the numbers 1-18 in order in the bottom of the holes)

I asked Avery to help me water the plants. This gave us a chance to talk about plants, how they need water to grow, and how God made all the plants! We also talked about things God made (plants, people, etc.) versus things people make (cars, clothes, etc.). She had fun with that :)

This lesson this week taught me a few things this week too. I was reminded to appreciate God's splendor and majesty in the flowers, plants, trees, sky. He truly is a great Creator! And this is one reason I love homeschooling: we learn together :)

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