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Friday, August 31, 2012

just a little navy wifey list

A friend and seasoned military wife once gave me some great advice: make a list of things you look forward to while your husband is away. Example: control of the remote, cooking less, etc. I thought this was a marvelous idea and have since been mentally creating a list of my own. I am by no means excited for Justin to leave; but this list helps to soften the blow ever so slightly. I'll take what I can get :)

Things I look forward to while Justin is away:

1) Not having to cook dinner every single night. Chicken nuggets and salad sound good to me! Or cereal! Or pb&j!
2) A cheaper grocery bill (!!!!!)
3) Lots of quality time with my family and old friends
4) Less laundry!
5) A cleaner toilet (those of you with husbands or sons will appreciate this one)
6) Watching chick flicks whenever I want!!!! 
7) Putting the girls to bed super early and having the entire evening to myself to read, write, do puzzles, watch my chick flicks, take a bubble bath, or just go to bed! Oh bliss!
8) Lots of spare time to run/train for races
9) The opportunity to really lean on God and grow closer to him
10) More time to learn things! Like how to sew!
11) That sweet feeling of missing someone with my whole heart; it reminds me how much I love him
12) The anticipation/excitement of his return! If you're not a military wife you won't understand; we go all out when our husband's come home! We stock the kitchen with their favorite foods, dust off their favorite movies, replace our granny panties with sexy lingerie, pick out our outfit and how we'll wear our hair weeks in advance, decorate our home, buy welcome home gifts, make banners, shave our legs! It's kind of a big deal :)

So there's my list! It doesn't make me any more excited about Justin being gone; but it does give me a few things to look forward to. I'll be sure to come back and read this list many times in the coming months!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Home school preschool: week 2

Well our second week of homeschooling went well! We did only three days though instead of four like I hoped. Life is just busy! And will only get busier as summer ends. I think the hardest part of homeschooling is making time for it!

This week we read the Creation story, and stuck with that theme all week with our activities, reading, and writing;

We made this little booklet about what God created on what days. I found the printable here

This was our fun new math game :) I like this one because it teaches Ave to count, teaches her about number order, and helps with fine motor skills. She enjoyed this one if we made a song as we counted; otherwise it can get a bit drawn out, since you have to count all the way to 18 :)
(just an egg carton and beans; I wrote the numbers 1-18 in order in the bottom of the holes)

I asked Avery to help me water the plants. This gave us a chance to talk about plants, how they need water to grow, and how God made all the plants! We also talked about things God made (plants, people, etc.) versus things people make (cars, clothes, etc.). She had fun with that :)

This lesson this week taught me a few things this week too. I was reminded to appreciate God's splendor and majesty in the flowers, plants, trees, sky. He truly is a great Creator! And this is one reason I love homeschooling: we learn together :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to school!

My main goal in life is to raise children who know, love, and live for the Lord. I also hope to instill in them a love for learning and a curiosity and sense of adventures that grows with them through life. I know that everyone has different convictions/beliefs/abilities, but I believe for this season of my life God has called me to be a stay-at-home mother, and He has placed on my heart to homeschool my girls; at least for a time.

So with that said, Avery and I started pre-school today! I had so much fun this weekend getting things ready for us, and I have to say our first day back was a smashing success :) Avery genuinely enjoys our school time together; several times this summer she asked me if we could do school. She enjoys learning, and she enjoys spending one-on-one time with me. And I love it too! It's fun!

Homeschooling with a baby in the home is not easy. Brooklynn is a pretty fussy girl and demands a lot of attention, so for now our schedule will revolve around her. We spent about an hour and a half doing our school today, and everything went better than I hoped.

This weekend I prepared things for our first week back to school; here is a bulletin board idea that I found: http://www.the-red-kitchen.com/2012/07/simple-effective-daily-preschool-at.html
The prep was easy and not very time consuming. Here is a picture of our board:

The purpose of the board is so we can stick to a routine, and so Avery knows what is coming next. She loves routines, so I thought this would be good for her :)

Basically we have a calendar that Ave practices reading; we go over the months, days of the week, and say what day it is today. Then we have reading; today I let Avery pick one book and we sounded out a few words; then we read the story about Noah's ark.

Next is math. Here's the math game we played today:

I wrote out numbers on a piece of cardboard and then on clothes pins; Avery's goal was to identify the numbers and clip them on the spots that matched :) She had fun with this one!

After math comes writing! We went over a Bible verse related to our Noah story: "And Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord" Genesis 6:8. I then held Avery's hand and helped her write the scripture out; after that she practiced tracing some letters and numbers. She loves to do that.

After writing comes time for an activity. That can be either painting, play doh, cooking in the kitchen, drawing, etc. Today Avery wanted to paint, so we painted a picture about our Noah story:

(I painted the boat and water outline, Avery filled it in. The blue on the side is where she wrote Noah's name)

Avery painted a few pictures herself after this one, and even made up a story to go along with one of them! So fun!

After activity is play time. This gives me a set time every day to spend at least a little while playing with Avery one-on-one, doing whatever she wants to do. Today she wanted us to play with her doll house, so we did :)

And that's the basic schedule of our day! I'd like to do our school first thing after breakfast, but our mornings are busy so some days we probably won't get started until after lunch. But that's ok! I love having this special time with just me and Ave; having a baby in the house makes it difficult to get time alone with her, and this way I know I get at least a little of that :)

Baby B hanging out in her swing while Ave and I learn :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I am a military wife

There are certain traits we must possess
To cope with the loneliness and the stress
We must know how to be alone
How to care for our home

We must be loving, patient, strong
Be quick to admit when we are wrong
Because it's never worth a fight
To prove he's wrong and you're right

We must make the most of what we've got
And not complain about our lot
Because God made me a military wife
This is His plan for my life

We must play role of dad and mom
Until the day when he comes home
We must know how to wipe away tears
And have the words to calm little fears

We must encourage, sacrifice, and build up
And constantly ask God to refill our cup
We must put a smile on our face
And stand tall with integrity and grace

We must not fret nor whine nor complain
But learn to dance in the rain
We must be adaptable, independent, brave
Even when our husband's touch we crave

We must act happy when we are sad
And in the hard times learn to be glad
We must act strong even when we feel weak
To think twice before we do or speak

We must have friends, hobbies, plans
Something to do with our restless hands
We must learn to be reliable and true
To be faithful through and through

I want to make my husband and kids proud
To fulfill everything that I vowed
I want to set an example, shine a light
To help others see in the night

I am brave
I am strong
I am faithful
I am proud

I am a military wife