Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birth Day!

Okay I am back! The last month has been just crazy. I cannot believe our new little baby is one month old already. In honor of this special day I thought it was time I post her birth story! Or parts of it...there are just some moments that are too precious to share :) May 18 I had an appointment at 2:30 in the afternoon. I measured at 5 cm. Since I was planning to attempt a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) and therefore hoping to avoid induction, my midwife advised me to walk around for a while then go to the hospital. Well, I did exactly the opposite. :/ I was just so tired and cranky, and had taken a walk that morning. I didn't feel like doing anything at all. And so I didn't. The entire rest of the day I took a nap and sat on the couch. Woops. That night at about 9ish my mom and Justin convinced me to go to the hospital. I didn't want to yet, didn't feel like I was ready. But my mom had five kids, all super fast labors and deliveries, and we were afraid I'd be the same way. So we grabbed our bags and headed over. Once we got to the hospital and I finally was checked, I was still measuring at 5 cm. I felt really disappointed upon hearing that news and my mood worsened when the doctor started urging me to let them induce me and start some pitocin (a drug used to start contractions). I was firm in my decision not to accept any drugs at that time, I wanted to do this naturally (except, of course, for epidural :p). She was pushy and annoying and definitely left a bad taste in my mouth--let me interject here to say that, in general, doctors get on my nerves. I guess maybe it's just healthcare in general. Patients aren't people but rather a number, a dollar sign. When it comes to labor and delivery, I think doctors are way too quick to induce--with Avery, my doctor wanted to induce me a week early, for no reason!!--and too hasty to schedule c-sections that may be avoidable. I believe that in most cases a woman's body will go into labor on its own, when she and the baby are that not what we were created to do?! People opt for convenience over safety and are too hasty to schedule something that should happen so naturally.

So anyways, back to my story...

So I'm stuck at 5 cm and the doctor is trying to convince me to accept a dose of pitocin to get things started. I firmly refused and she reluctantly gives me orders to walk around the hospital for two hours and then come back to be checked again. And so that's what Justin and I did. We walked and walked and walked. There were lots of bathroom breaks, but other than that we did not stop. I didn't really feel my contractions too strongly, just some uncomfortable pressure. I am thankful that hospital is so big and beautiful, at least we had a nice view :) And I am thankful for the time I had alone with my husband. We were able to talk and bond. At 2 a.m. we went back in to see if I'd made any progress, and luckily I had! I say luckily because if I hadn't there would have been a strain of unpleasant words escape from my mouth along with some pretty serious tears I'm sure. I made it to 6 cm, so they decided to check us in and send us to our room. And so the procession of nurses and needles ensued.

While I was being woken up constantly to have my vitals checked and be administered painful shots and IVs and epidural (ouch!), I looked over at my husband who was sleeping peacefully the entire time. And I was mad. How unfair!! When it comes to the baby business, we women go through waaay more than the men that put us through it.

I had trouble getting past 6 cm, maybe because it was all new territory for me (with Avery I made it to 6 cm and then had to have an emergency c-section). So the doctor broke my water and things really moved on then! I woke up that morning and told Justin to get the doctor, I felt like I was ready to get things rolling! So I started pushing and 20 minutes later out comes a 7 pound bundle of perfection :)

So there is our story. Compared to a c-section, at least for me, a vbac was a breeze. Recovery is so much easier. Bonding time with your baby is so much better. Mentally and emotionally I feel so much better than I did the first time around. For me, I would recommend a vaginal birth to anyone who is able to have one. Let your body do what the Creator intended :)

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