Thursday, May 10, 2012


In light of Mother's Day fast approaching, this post is in honor of that special lady in all of our lives. Really, there should be more than just one day dedicated to our mothers. Stay-at-home mamas are some of the most under appreciated women on earth (that comes from my experience so far of being one). But we don't do what we do for a reward, we do it because we love it :) I personally believe that being a wife/mother is the highest calling a woman can have on her life: whether a birth mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, or spiritual mother figure. We are shaping and molding the next generation, which I think is a pretty important job! A lot of the time, the mother is the glue of the family, particularly in this military lifestyle. So often Dad is away training or deployed, and Mom is left at home to hold down the fort. I was commenting to my husband one day about how us stay-at-home moms don't get any kind of appreciation really, until maybe our kids are grown and come to their senses. No one gives us a bonus or a raise if we do a good job. We just have to trust that the Lord sees all of our hard work and all of the time and energy we invest in our children; I believe He will honor all of it when I get to heaven. That's where my treasures will lie. The biggest thank you I can receive though, the best way for me to know that I am doing a good job, is the smile on my daughter's face; or her saying things like "Mom, you're my best friend;" or seeing her learn and utilize things that I have taught her. I have even gotten an unwarranted "thank you" out of her once or twice. Those are the moments I live for. I am blessed to have the mother that I do. I honestly feel like I have the best mom in the world. Sure she's not perfect; but she is selfless; she has unending patience; she has a heart for God and has instilled that in her children, the best gift she could have ever given us; she is a lady of character and integrity. She is the woman I learned everything from, the reason I am this person today. Everything I needed to learn about mothering I learned from her. I am so thankful that my children get to have her for a grandmother. As Mother's Day approaches this year, please make an effort to reach out to your own dear mom and let her know how much you appreciate her. Tell her thank you. Those words are the only gift we need :)

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