Friday, May 11, 2012

Homeschool week 3!

So we are working on the "sh" combination this week, with focus on the word shell. We read a poem about sea shells and colored a shell picture:
Avery did AWESOME sounding out some of these "sh" words. I was surprised to look over and see her sitting at her little table practicing without even being told. I was even more surprised when I heard her sound out "shut" and "fish" all by herself! It made me so excited!
We also talked about turtles, since they live in a shell :)
I also had her practice tracing her s's and h's. She can't write the letters by themselves, but she does really well at tracing!
I was REALLY impressed with how well Avery wrote her name. All I had to do was tell her which letter; I thought she did pretty well :)
So that was our lesson this week! We ended up getting busy, so we only did school stuff Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We usually spend about 30 minutes on her lessons then 15-20 on our art projects. With Mother's Day coming up we did a special craft for Avery's Mimi and Nana:

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