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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

homeschool week 2

I have to brag on Avery a little bit :) We have recently started doing a little bit of preschool work at home together, just easing into phonics and some arts & crafts until after Baby sister gets here. This week we're working on the "ee" combination, talking about words that contain "ee," reading stories and doing crafts related to "ee" words. Here are a few things we have been working on today:
And she did SO good sounding out some of these "ee" words. She is so smart!
She also did REALLY well tracing her e's.
She really enjoys our time working together, and so do I. I just love watching her learn and be creative! I love listening to her talk, too, so that I can know what she's thinking. For now we'll just stick to phonics and crafts. After the baby gets here we will ease into some preschool math, science, and maybe some social studies. The possibilities are endless!

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