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Monday, January 30, 2012

precious moments

Sorry I have neglected my blog for so long, folks! I have been busy being a mom :) Which brings me to my newest post..

Recently God has made me so aware of the importance of my role as stay-at-home mom. I didn't always believe that being a stay-at-home mother was a position of worth. I bought into the junk that our culture is surrounded with, telling me that I needed to go to college and become a career woman if I wanted to experience fulfillment. And for some women, maybe that's true. Maybe they need that outside validation, that title, that feeling of contributing to the family bank account. But for now, it's not for me. It's not where God wants me.

God has enabled me to see that I have what I believe is one of the highest callings placed on my life in this moment. I have a purpose, and that is to raise good, respectful, God-fearing children who will be blessings to the world and to those around them. I have the huge honor of sowing into my children's lives! It is so important for us moms to step up and teach our children what they need to know about God and life; to practice what we preach and show them a good example; to let our precious kids see God through us. Our country, our world, our future, depends on this. Who will become presidents and doctors, teachers and parents, politicians and journalists in the future? Our kids! We need to sow into them while we have the chance!

Every time my daughter tells me she loves me; every time she smiles at me or I hear her little laugh; every time she learns something new that I've been trying to teach her; every minute that I spend with her, one on one, enjoying her and the person that she is: it's all so precious and fleeting! I know that one day soon she'll be grown, and raising her own children. What do I want her to remember about her childhood? What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind? As I spend time with my daughter, as I discipline her and teach her and play with her; as I look at my bulging pregnant belly and watch my unborn child do a dance, I realize what an awesome calling I have on my life. It is my responsibility, my pleasure, to step up to the plate and do my job as Mom. I commit to disciplining when I must, but also to extending grace to my kids; I commit to dancing and singing and acting silly; I commit to playing hide-and-seek and catch; I commit to putting my phone down and spending time with my precious children; I commit to being the best mom that I can be.