Thursday, July 28, 2011

For my dear husband

You are everything to me
With you I feel so free
To be just as I feel
The love we share is so real

You are my soul mate
I knew on our very first date
That you were mine to keep
You still make my heart leap

You're so handsome, so strong
You're the only man for whom I long
I love you so, my dear
Whether far or near

Though the miles will separate
I choose this hard, sad fate
If it means I can have you
If only for a few

You work so hard every single day
To earn less that you deserve in pay
Still you persevere without complaint
I can't be sure if you're man or saint

I am so proud to be your wife
To hold you close all of my life
If with my arms I can't hold you
A heart-sent hug will have to do

I love you Justin McAfee! Thanks for all you do! <3

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