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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Navy wife talk

I had a conversation with a Navy wife friend last night about our husbands' careers and how long we thought they might stay in the military. I have no idea what we will do, we're still sort of new to this whole journey. Who knows what my husband will decide in six years. Maybe he'll get out, maybe he'll stay in a while, maybe he'll make a career out of it. I used to be the one who wanted her husband out as soon as possible. I wished he hadn't joined with everything in me. I was at times desperate for him to find a way out. I now am much stronger than that. I know for the first time that if he chooses to make this a career, I will be ok with that. I can handle it. While I'm not saying I hope that's what he does, I know I'll be ok.

My friend and I also discussed how we will feel if/when our husbands are no longer in the military. I have to say, it will be really strange! For over a year I've been so immersed in this military way of life. I shop at the NEX and the Commissary, I bank with a military bank, my friends are military wives, my whole life is military! I find my identity in being a military wife, it's a role and title that makes me so proud. If/when my husband gets out, I'll be thrust back into the civilian way of life (which is verrrry different). I'll lose my identity and be just a regular ol' stay-at-home mom again.

Then I realized something; I'm totally wrong in finding my identity in being a Navy wife. I should be finding my identity in God. Right now I'm a Navy wife, it's good to be proud of that and to embrace it. I'm using this as my mission field, starting a Bible study and reaching out to other wives. But I won't always be a Navy wife. It's up to me to be content in every phase of my life and search out opportunities to serve God no matter what my circumstances are.

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