Friday, May 13, 2011

you're worth it

As hot tears roll down my face
I long to feel your strong embrace
To hear you say I'll be alright
On this long and lonely night

Your things are scattered all around
Yet you're nowhere to be found
Everything so quiet, so still
Sadness tests my strength of will

How can I live without my best friend?
The lonely days seem to never end
I miss you so when you're away
But in my heart you always stay

When you're gone I feel alone
And our house is not a home
Because my home is where you are
Sometimes near, sometimes far

You truly are my other half
You are the one who makes me laugh
From you I draw strength and love
You are my gift from above

I adore you more every day
My love for you is here to stay
You are the only man I need
I will follow where you lead

I love you most my dear, sweet man
And I know God has a plan
As long as I'm with you
Let Him do what He must do

While you're gone I will yearn
For the day of your return
To hear you laugh, see your smile
To have you with me for a while

I know our time will surely fly
Until we say our next goodbye
I remind myself it's not forever
Just another storm to weather

Through the heres and theres I'll wait
Through the ups and downs I'll wait
I'll cry, I'll hurt, I'll do it again
I'll do it all for my sweet man

Because you're worth it

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