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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

America the Beautiful!

This Memorial Day weekend held so much meaning for me, more than ever. Sunday at church they did the presentation of colors with the drums and the flags, it moved me to tears. Anything patriotic, anything about the military, touches me so deeply. I have always had a heart for the military, even as a young girl. It would seem that even then, God was preparing my heart for what lay ahead. Is He great or what?

I just have such pride in my heart. Pride for my amazing husband, who has given up so much to pursue his dream of protecting this nation at the highest level. Pride for fellow military members, who risk their lives and sometimes make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Pride for our awesome nation, so great and free. Pride for myself, all the sacrifices I have made and will continue to with (hopefully) a good attitude. Pride for military spouses all over the world, giving up their other half for the sake of freedom. I am so proud! This pride touches me so deeply that it makes me misty eyed every time I hear the national anthem, watch the American flag waving in the wind, listen to my daughter say the Pledge of Allegiance, or see a military member in uniform. These things touch my very soul. I have always been proud to be an American, but now more than ever.

I hope that people can see and remember that freedom comes with a price: a lonely birthday, anniversary, or Christmas; a weary wife sleeping in an empty bed; a child wondering when her daddy will ever come home; an American flag-laden casket returning to U.S. soil with a true hero laying inside; a grief-stricken wife who wonders how she can keep on living without her soul mate. All of these sacrifices and so many more. Please never forget. Don't forget those who have lost their lives protecting you; don't forget their loved ones who mourn their loss every single day. Remember our military, support our men and women in uniform, reach out to their families with love and support. And pray for them. Thank them. Because they are the reasons we can live as we do.

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