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Sunday, March 13, 2011

end times? i think not..

Ok, I am tired of hearing people talk about the end of the world. Hearing people speak about the apocalypse and the worlds demise really gets me frustrated. Sure we have seen earth quakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes; but none of this is new. For centuries we have experienced these kinds of things, for centuries people have been spouting out things about the end of the world. I'm tired of hearing it! No one knows when it will happen except God Himself! So quit worrying about it people! It will happen when it happens, whether we are ready for it or not. And when it does, there's not a daggone thing we can do about it!

Now say the world really is ending. I don't think it is something that people should speculate on or waste our time worrying about. What good can come of it? All it does is get people all worked up, worried, and stressed out. We should always be a light, we should always be reaching out to people sharing Jesus with them; whether we think the world is ending or not.

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