Thursday, January 20, 2011

Until the End of Time

You never leave me
Every day I feel You
Everywhere I see You:
In the trees, ocean, sky

In my darkest moments
You reached me
You saved me from myself
You turned my sadness to joy

In the hard times
I know You are there
I feel You more than ever
As You take my hand
And lead me to the light

God, You are so faithful
You always come through
Over and over again
Until the end of time
I know I can lean on You

When I feel invisible
You remind me who I am
You show me how much I'm loved
I know You have a plan
Just for me

I feel Your voice whisper
Straight to my heart:
"You matter. You're Mine.
I love you, daughter.
Until the end of time."

I just wrote this poem, it's about how I have felt God the last few years.

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