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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Why does "success" have to be measured so materialistically? Many times in my life I've been made to feel as though I'm not a success because I don't work outside of the home, because I'm not bringing in any money, because I didn't finish school. I don't have any degrees other than a high school diploma, I am in fact a college dropout; but I'd rather not use a degree I don't have than not use one I do have like so many people I know. I don't work outside of the home, but I do work. Being a full time mother & housewife is WORK. And I don't bring in any income, but the precious moments spent with my daughter are more payment than I could ever ask for.

We don't own our own home. We live in a ridiculously overpriced, small apartment. But we love it there, it's our home. For now. We don't have a fancy luxury vehicle, but we don't need one. Our car is great on gas, dependable, and can fit a car seat in the back. That's all we need. We don't have all of the latest technological gadgets & video games, but who needs that. It's better to get outside and play in the sunshine anyways. I'd rather mold play-doh with my daughter, or color a picture. Or read a good book :) Yes, we live paycheck to paycheck. But my life has always been this way. It doesn't bother me. We have food, a place to live, a car to drive, clothes to wear. My family is healthy. I know that we will be provided for. My husband makes an honest, honorable living serving our country. I'm not famous or known by a lot of people, but I have a few very close friends who I love dearly & can share anything with. I would rather have a few close ones than multitudes of distant ones. I love God and try to honor him with my life, and am teaching my daughter to do the same.

Sounds like a pretty successful life to me..

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