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Friday, November 12, 2010

My Husband's Other Mistress

I love my husband dearly
I know he loves me, too

But we have a different marriage
It's not just "me" and "you"

You see, my husband has a mistress
Though not of flesh and blood

Ever demanding of his time
As she drags him through the mud

She wears a robe of gold and navy
Her eyes shine like the sea

She's a driving force to my man
That I could never be

In the early hours of the morn
She calls him from our bed

She keeps him from our home all day
While tears of loneliness fall from my head

At times I respect this mistress
At others merely tolerate

She has brought us much good
But it's her, too, that I hate

Perhaps she knows my husband
Better even than I

For she's his constant companion
He never leaves her eye

And so I take the backseat
To this military life

Because right now the mistress
Must come before the wife

by: me :)

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