Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just a moment in time .. .

I think tonight I shall go back to May and relive that wonderful day when I got to watch my husband graduate from boot camp. The ceremony itself was glorious, the military is like its own private, respected, disciplined world. The music & the colorful flags were my daughter's favorite part. Then there was the moment when my husband & his class finally marched into the auditorium & took their places. The anxiety & excitement beforehand led to me getting hives haha, I just could not wait to see my precious husband after two months of little communication!!

When I spotted him and our eyes met, words cannot describe that moment. I've heard in romance novels before that you lock eyes with your lover and the whole world disappears, no one else exists, time stands still. That's how it was at that moment. My husband was all I could see, nothing else mattered. And those few seconds felt like hours. With our eyes, we shared with one another all the pain the previous months had held and all the joy that day possessed. With our eyes in that special moment, we gave each other strength & love!
I carry that moment with me in my heart & I know that I will forever. I know that in times of sadness and loneliness, longing for my husband during long separations due to deployment...I will reach into the recesses of my heart and pull out that special moment. I will relive it, drawing comfort & love from the memory.

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