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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so serene

I feel surprisingly calm & peaceful. As a matter of fact, it's almost weird just how chill I really am right now! Haha! I just feel joyful, excited, most of all proud. So proud of my husband, his training is going awesome so far. I can feel the prayers working =) Of course I miss him, being across the country from my love really stinks. But I no longer feel depressed, or even sad. People have even commented on how well I am doing this time around. I only get to talk to the hubs at night before I go to bed, for 10-20 minutes. That's all I get alllll day. But even that doesn't upset me, I know he is busy, busy, busy and I try to keep myself occupied also. I suppose the peace comes from knowing that this is right where I am meant to be right now in this moment. This is what my husband was born to do, I really believe that. I believe we were made for each other, not many other women could put up with these circumstances. And one thing that gives me an all-encompassing peace: God will take care of us. I know he will provide us with a place to live. I know he will provide us with food to eat, clothes on our backs. I am living in the moment right now. That's what I have to do to stay sane, take it one day at a time...

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