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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Necessities for a Military Wifey

This is a list of a few things every military wife will want to keep on hand :)

1) Waterproof mascara. Can't hurt to be prepared, this stuff will always come in handy during the goodbyes, and the welcome homes.

2) Soft kleenexes. You never know when loneliness and depression will rear their ugly heads. It's always good to have a full supply of kleenexes to wipe those tears away and move on sista!

3) A journal. This may very well become your best friend during the days of separation between you and your loved one. In this special book, you can write whatever you want!! You can complain, you can rant and rave, you can write love letters to yourself or your man. You can brag on yourself and not feel guilty for doing so, you can record your hopes and dreams, your failures and disappointments.

4) Bible. In this book you will find the answers to all of your questions, but most of all you will find encouragement like none other.

5) Funny movies. Comedies are a must for those times when you just feel rotten. A good laugh can always make you feel better no matter what. Remember, 'laughter is good medicine' :)

6) Family & friends. It is always helpful to be near the ones you love, if possible. They can offer encouragement, love, and support in your times of struggle.

7) Time alone. Everyone could benefit from some good, quality alone time. Try to make time for it every day if you can. Whether you are reading, praying, listening to music, meditating, writing. I firmly believe that alone time is necessary for your mental and emotional health.

8) Exercise! It's always great to get up and move! Not to mention, exercise releases endorphins that seriously battle some depression. You want to feel good (and look good when your man gets home ;] ) you will get up and get active. Exercise so improves your quality of life and makes you just feel much better. Nothing like a good sweat session to get out all your frustrations.

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