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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!

I am pleased to announce that finally, at the age of 21, I am beginning to learn not to base my happiness on people or circumstances. People fail and disappoint, and circumstances certainly do as well...I should know. My poor mother has been telling me this for years, and it is finally sinking in. Goes to show you, even though your kids act like they aren't listening...they really are =) That's encouraging!!

So like I was saying...the old me used to get upset so easily. I based my joy on people entirely too much. That's not fair to do to myself or to anyone else. People screw up, that's life. The only constant in life that does anything and everything for our own good is God. He is the only one we can find true joy and completion in. Upon realizing this and putting it into practice, I have found something truly remarkable: peace! The last couple of weeks I have felt better than ever, which is odd concerning my current situation. My husband is across the country from me, my daughter is hitting the terrible twos and having a horrid time with it, I am living at home with my amazing (LOUD) family, I have the sole responsibility of buying furniture and everything you need for a home, not to mention actually finding a home...across the country!! I should be stressed beyond belief, depressed, overwhelmed. But I'm not =) I feel awesome. I feel peaceful, serene, relaxed, joyful. And it's no person in my life giving me this indescribable joy...it's God.


  1. Beautiful! And the best part is, when you finally figure this out-- that your joy and your peace come from God--you're truly free!