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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it's not over 'til the fat lady sings!!

I'm sorry, but I just have to vent a little here. I absolutely abhor the media. They take small truths and twist them, expand them, obscure them until they aren't true any more. The war in the middle east, no matter what our wonderful media tells us, is not over. As long as our men and women are still over there fighting, that war is still going on. It will not come to an end until our troops have at last made it home! It must be like a slap in the face to all of our men and women who are still over there. Ooh makes me so mad!!

That begs the question: if we cannot trust the news for accurate news then who are we to turn to? How are we to know what is really going on in our world, our country? People, please do not believe everything just because it is on television! That does not make it true or accurate! Once we start surrendering our right to the truth of things and just believe everything that we see/hear, we are in big trouble.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength!

I am pleased to announce that finally, at the age of 21, I am beginning to learn not to base my happiness on people or circumstances. People fail and disappoint, and circumstances certainly do as well...I should know. My poor mother has been telling me this for years, and it is finally sinking in. Goes to show you, even though your kids act like they aren't listening...they really are =) That's encouraging!!

So like I was saying...the old me used to get upset so easily. I based my joy on people entirely too much. That's not fair to do to myself or to anyone else. People screw up, that's life. The only constant in life that does anything and everything for our own good is God. He is the only one we can find true joy and completion in. Upon realizing this and putting it into practice, I have found something truly remarkable: peace! The last couple of weeks I have felt better than ever, which is odd concerning my current situation. My husband is across the country from me, my daughter is hitting the terrible twos and having a horrid time with it, I am living at home with my amazing (LOUD) family, I have the sole responsibility of buying furniture and everything you need for a home, not to mention actually finding a home...across the country!! I should be stressed beyond belief, depressed, overwhelmed. But I'm not =) I feel awesome. I feel peaceful, serene, relaxed, joyful. And it's no person in my life giving me this indescribable joy...it's God.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

so serene

I feel surprisingly calm & peaceful. As a matter of fact, it's almost weird just how chill I really am right now! Haha! I just feel joyful, excited, most of all proud. So proud of my husband, his training is going awesome so far. I can feel the prayers working =) Of course I miss him, being across the country from my love really stinks. But I no longer feel depressed, or even sad. People have even commented on how well I am doing this time around. I only get to talk to the hubs at night before I go to bed, for 10-20 minutes. That's all I get alllll day. But even that doesn't upset me, I know he is busy, busy, busy and I try to keep myself occupied also. I suppose the peace comes from knowing that this is right where I am meant to be right now in this moment. This is what my husband was born to do, I really believe that. I believe we were made for each other, not many other women could put up with these circumstances. And one thing that gives me an all-encompassing peace: God will take care of us. I know he will provide us with a place to live. I know he will provide us with food to eat, clothes on our backs. I am living in the moment right now. That's what I have to do to stay sane, take it one day at a time...

Monday, August 16, 2010

oh, parents....

Why do parents have to be so lazy and selfish these days?? Don't they see the enormous disservice they are doing to their children?? So, so sad. Too many parents do not hold their children to high enough standards, they don't push them to be their best, they push their kids off on other people. And do you know why? They are lazy and selfish. I will push and encourage my children to learn all that they can learn, to succeed in life, to live fulfilled lives pleasing God. I put my daughter before myself in every decision that I make. I want her to be the best that she can be! That means having to say "no," reprimand, and discipline. It means being a mom, not a friend. It means teaching your kids to be respectful, giving, kind, intelligent, good citizens. Don't know where to start? How about something as simple as manners.

I'm sorry, but our world is going to spin downhill in a hurry if we don't get control of our kids. Parents: rise up and take your place!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everything happens for a reason...really?

I'm not one of those people who believes that "everything happens for a reason", I never have been. I think that things just happen. That's it. It's just what you choose to do that gives it a reason. Does that make sense? I think that people want to believe everything happens for a reason because it makes them feel better, that way when things go wrong have no fear...there is a reason for it. But I believe that things just happen, maybe because God allowed them to. Ultimately it is up to us to determine which direction our lives will take. When circumstances get hard, are you going to plant your feet and stop progressing? Or will you move on looking for that next open door? I hope and pray that my life is a series of steps forward, continuing on that lifelong journey to be the best woman, wife, mother, friend that I can be (with God's help). I never want to plant my feet and say "I've had enough! I quit!" Here's to perseverance! The next time something goes wrong, don't think to yourself "oh, everything happens for a reason." Instead, ask yourself what should be your next step.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Necessities for a Military Wifey

This is a list of a few things every military wife will want to keep on hand :)

1) Waterproof mascara. Can't hurt to be prepared, this stuff will always come in handy during the goodbyes, and the welcome homes.

2) Soft kleenexes. You never know when loneliness and depression will rear their ugly heads. It's always good to have a full supply of kleenexes to wipe those tears away and move on sista!

3) A journal. This may very well become your best friend during the days of separation between you and your loved one. In this special book, you can write whatever you want!! You can complain, you can rant and rave, you can write love letters to yourself or your man. You can brag on yourself and not feel guilty for doing so, you can record your hopes and dreams, your failures and disappointments.

4) Bible. In this book you will find the answers to all of your questions, but most of all you will find encouragement like none other.

5) Funny movies. Comedies are a must for those times when you just feel rotten. A good laugh can always make you feel better no matter what. Remember, 'laughter is good medicine' :)

6) Family & friends. It is always helpful to be near the ones you love, if possible. They can offer encouragement, love, and support in your times of struggle.

7) Time alone. Everyone could benefit from some good, quality alone time. Try to make time for it every day if you can. Whether you are reading, praying, listening to music, meditating, writing. I firmly believe that alone time is necessary for your mental and emotional health.

8) Exercise! It's always great to get up and move! Not to mention, exercise releases endorphins that seriously battle some depression. You want to feel good (and look good when your man gets home ;] ) you will get up and get active. Exercise so improves your quality of life and makes you just feel much better. Nothing like a good sweat session to get out all your frustrations.