Friday, July 9, 2010

A poem I wrote...."Navy Bride"

Struggles, sacrifices, fears
All the pain and all the tears

Always homesick, always lonely
I do it for my one and only

I will always support his dream
Even when I want to scream

Feeling unseen, pushed aside
As I continue on this ride

All my work's behind the scene
I cook, change diapers, wash and clean

I'm the backdrop in the play
The anchor that holds our home at bay

I wash and iron uniforms
But together we brave all life's storms

Maybe not in body, but always in heart
Nothing on earth can keep us apart

He wears combat boots, I prefer heels
He defends our freedom, I fix the meals

I am by his side until the end
As I leave behind home, family, friend

I know this lifestyle will never be breezy
But nothing worthwhile ever comes easy

My heart is so full of love and pride
I'm so glad to be a Navy bride

To think of it, I feel so blessed
To have a love that's put to the test

Of distance, hardship, and disdain
We will conquer, our love will remain

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