Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh time, won't you just slow down?

Does anyone ever wish life just had a pause button? I find myself wishing for one often. Only a few precious weeks left with my husband before we are forced to be separated yet again. I'm starting to get that panicky feeling, like I just need to soak him in and spend every second that I can with him. I just look at him and get sad, because I know in a few weeks my life will be empty again. God I love that man, with everything in me. He is truly my other half in every way. But enough of the mushy stuff...

Been looking for places in San Diego, the next stop on our exciting Navy journey. Don't know how long we will be there, just have to play it by ear...so I'm thinking another extended-stay hotel would be our best option. With two bedrooms this time.

My husband really has the best sense of humor, that is the main thing that attracted me to him (well, other than his good looks of course). We were coming back from dinner tonight and saw a middle-aged couple in a super nice restored older vehicle (I'm such a girl, I don't even remember the make of the car..just that it was pretty lol). So anyways, we are looking at it and talking about how nice it is when he turns to me and says "Let's just stop with Ave. She can be an only child." I know what he is thinking...the fewer the kids, the more toys for Daddy lol. Of course he was kidding....sort of :p

I'd like a big family but not the way I'd first envisioned it. If our next one isn't a boy, we will try again. After that I'm done having kids of my own, but I would like to adopt. Not babies, I could live without another baby haha. But I'd like to adopt maybe toddlers, or elementary school age. The ones that are less likely to get adopted, but need so much love & nourishment. I feel like there are too many kids out there without families, it's just not right. And we have so much to give them...or at least we will in about ten years, when I plan for all of this to take place. Right now I admit we don't have a lot to offer. But one day we will!!

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