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Monday, July 12, 2010

oh monday, glad to see you go :D

Well I have decided that Ave and I will go back home to VA for the month of August. I still go back and forth wondering if we should stay or go...but I feel this is the best decision for us. There are a few reasons why. For one thing, going back will save us about $800 bucks. And to us that is a lot of moolah!! For another thing, that will give the hubby his last week here to really focus on his training and work extra hard. Ave and I may be a little of a distraction to him while we are here, we like to hog him all to ourselves =/ So back to VA we will go! I already dread saying goodbye to my hubby, I get teary thinking of it!

It's amazing how feelings and thoughts hit you sometimes out of nowhere. Today Ave was sitting in the recliner with Justin sharing chex-mix, I was sitting on the couch watching a tv show. And out of the blue I just got really sad and almost cried. I started thinking about how Hubby and I really get each other, more than I ever thought possible. No one understands me the way he does. I can't even be my true self with anyone other than my husband. I started to think about how much I will miss his sense of humor and goofing off with him. We can be so goofy together. I thought about how much I will miss being myself. I will miss my partner in crime.

One thing that I have decided about this military lifestyle...saying goodbye never gets any easier. No matter how many times you've been forced to say it before, no matter how long/short the amount of time before you see one another again. Saying goodbye is tough. Every time you say it, your heart breaks a little. BUT the reunion is so very worth it :)

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