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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My first blog!

I have had a rough week so far. Well, actually a rough year. Starting off with parent's divorce. Continuing with the hubby leaving me for boot camp...

Now that was hard, much harder than I ever imagined. Think of it, he is here with me all the time then suddenly disappears with no communication. It's as though he was kidnapped for those 2 long months. But we survived it. We can survive anything. I really went through some kind of mourning during that time. Even thinking back on it makes me want to cry, I was just so miserable. I couldn't even walk into our bedroom without getting a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach. Thank God Avery (my daughter) and I moved into my mom's shortly after the hubby left. I couldn't have stayed in that house without him there. I couldn't even look at his things! I even quit working out. For those who know me, this is a big deal. I work out every single day! But I just had no motivation to do anything. I was short tempered. I quit eating for a few weeks. Worst of all, I was lonely...so lonely.

But my husband's absence taught me many things. I am far more independent than I ever thought. Being a single mother is hard stuff, but I did it and am continuing to do it whenever he is away. I have a lot of responsibilities now...in a way, that makes me feel empowered. I feel proud of myself. I know that I'm too stubborn to ever let anything beat me. No sir, nothing can keep me down for long. I have too much to live for. I have also learned to treasure the people in your life, oh treasure the hell out of them. You never know when your time with them comes to an end. Our marriage is so strong now. I know we're young, but that doesn't mean we don't know what love and hardship are. We know. We feel them both every single day. I know this lifestyle won't ever be easy, but that's ok. My life never has been.


  1. Beautifully written! I can't imagine going through what you've gone through, but you've obviously come out stronger!

  2. thanks so much! i'm excited about my first comment/follower :D lol

  3. I just started following your blog because my husband is thinking of joining the navy. We have a 2 1/2 year old little boy and we don't really know what to expect! It is such a big decision for us since we already have a family! Any advice? I love reading your blog and getting insight to what the navy life looks like! :)