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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Lost Innocence"

I'm reminded of words that came my way
"What's done is done" and "nothing gold can stay"

As leaves change on mountains,
As ice forms slowly over fountains

So our lives will change
So priorities fade and rearrange

We find out who we are
We stop wishing on a star

Dreams are made and broken
Outrageous wishes become unspoken

Our once petite shoulders
Become heavy with boulders

Naivety becomes pain
Our selfishness is our gain

Real world is not so fun
We rarely see a battle won

Life can bring such grief
Like a slowly fading leaf

And the more we grow
The less we wish we didn't know

Because nothing stays the same
Not one person, not one game

So long to childish innocence
As we succumb to common sense

We were at one time so pure
And we were once so sure

That love is everywhere
When we didn't have a care

Some memories never fade
To be a child what I would trade

I wrote this poem one day as I was thinking of Avery growing up and eventually losing all of her childish purity and innocence. It is a sad but necessary part of life; this is only my interpretation.

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