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Sunday, July 11, 2010

another weekend behind us =/

well it's that time again. time for another wonderful weekend to come to a close and another long, lonely week to begin. I always have trouble transitioning after having the hubby staying the night with us all weekend...then going back to our routine, basically living our separate daily lives. I always leave that Navy base Sunday nights with tears in my eyes and an ache in my chest. I know I'll be seeing him tomorrow, but it's the nights that are the loneliest. I despise going to bed without my other half here...I actually put going to bed off as long as I can most nights. I find things to do, like blog, watch tv, read. I just dread it. the bed is so dang empty without him in it =/ plus when my love is here I just feel safer. oh well, sleeping alone is definitely something I will have to get used to.

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